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User Experience and User Interface Design is one of our passions

This passion goes way back in time, when Hypercard on the Macintosh was a great tool to create applications quickly with predefined UI Elements and a Scripting Language called HyperTalk. The same concept was used on the Web (HTML and JavaScript) and Director & Flash (ActionScript). And yes, some of us (and we are not naming names here), have used these tools to create interactive CD-ROMs and Web Applications.
In the early days of the Web, one of the buzz words was Usability Design, made popular by Jakob Nielsen.
Since then, the methodology and tools have been optimized and refined.

 Today we conduct User Experience surveys with your customers in order to determine how they can accomplish their tasks faster and quicker. We admit it: we love Apple products and their ease of use and design. To us, this is the benchmark by which we measure ourself. If you haven’t realized by now, how much a great UX/UI can set you apart from your competition, we are not sure if we can help you (or anybody else, for that matter).
When we take on your project, we create Click Dummys in Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, Axure (to just name the ones, that we prefer), to test our UX concepts before we start designing them. 

 Form follows function is a overused (but true) statement. And we love making great software look beautiful. Since we also develop software and websites, we can even aid your software team by programming the Front End with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can also consult with us on your best strategy to create and maintain your design and code. Managing all the assets for a design project is not easy and our goal is to ensure that you have everything in place to create software that is consistent with your image.

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